My Science Fiction Twin

On September 27, My Science Fiction Twin is playing its first show in over three years.  We’ll play a at Homer’s Coffee House in Overland Park from 7:30-9:30.  See you there!

These are near final mixes for our first EP, recorded in the summer of 2011 in Kenny Carter and Jonathon Smith’s basements. It was mixed and will (hopefully) be released in 2012.

Another new mix. Whaddyathink?

Finally getting around to mixing our recordings from last year.

I finally have a decent mix of “Do I Love You.” Enjoy.

Do I Love You (10.30.11 mix) | My Science Fiction Twin

New sounds from the new record.

A little bit closer.

It’s been a while since our last post.  Believe it or not, there has been progress in our recording, with nearly all the instruments and lead vocals tracked.  Paul’s stopping by this morning to record his lead vocals on “Between Us” and his background vocals for the other songs.

While Tim and I take some time off from the band for our babies, it sounds like the other guys will continue as a slightly different entity.  (My son is due in November, and Tim’s baby is due in January.)  Be watching this page for announcements of their shows and for continued updates about the My Science Fiction Twin album.


Unplugged performance

While we near completion on our album, we have an opportunity to perform an acoustic show at Main Street Coffee House on September 30.  It will be stripped down to just our two consistent members through the years, Paul and myself.  We’ll play though our favorite songs from the past ten years, with just an acoustic guitar and mandolin (and maybe Paul’s delicious tenor acoustic).  If you like harmonies, thought-provoking lyrics and Americanos, this will be the low-key event of the season.

My Science Fiction Twin
in an acoustic performance at Main Street Coffee House
107 S. Main St., Independence, MO  64050

The show is free, but we’d appreciate tips to aid in finishing our record.


Return To Warsaw (updated mix with guitars and keyboards) | My Science Fiction Twin

Updated mix of “Return to Warsaw,” with all the guitars and keyboards.